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Join us on Sunday, August 23 from 5:00 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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ESI spa show featured speaker Elgha Centento


Elgha Centeno

As a follow-up to her popular “Understanding the science behind light technologies” lecture, and in response to the numerous questions she is asked on a daily basis, Elgha Centeno offers you this Master Class to provide you with additional insight on the various light technologies on the market, and on radiofrequency (traditional and fractionated). The goal here is to increase your knowledge of the science behind these technologies, so you are better able to compare the various options and equipments with which you are already working or are considering leasing or buying.

This class will also cover myths and misconceptions about some technologies, to help you educate your clients, as well as points about professional consultations, hygiene and safety. This lecture is an excellent complement for those who are passionate about the subject and already have some experience with these technologies, and who wish to increase their knowledge to become leaders in esthetic technologies.


Cost: $210

Reserve now! Seats are limited.

ESI spa show featured speaker


Lydia Gauthier

This master class requires a deep understanding of skin!

With an ever-increasing occurrence of dermatological problems and the lack of dermatologists, the field of dermatology is in dire need of related specialists to help dermatologists in their practice, thereby helping to reduce waiting time to get an appointment (up to a year in half the cases). This also helps family practitioners who have a very limited knowledge of frontline dermatology!

Who but the esthetician can take charge of people with a skin pathology? Spend some time with an experienced dermocosmetologist to learn about common skin pathologies. We will be covering pso- riasis, eczema, shingles, acne, rosacea, allergic skin and pigment problems.



Cost: $210

Reserve now! Seats are limited.

spa show 2020 featured speaker jayna marie


Jayna Marie

Enough talking about makeup: it’s time to pick up some brushes and make magic happen! Come take part in an intimate demo class where Jayna Marie will give step-by-step instruction as she creates the make-up looks that have clients flying her around the world! Whether you’re a pro, a wannabe makeup artist or sim- ply a woman wanting to look better than her friends (#GOALS), this is the session for you!

Topics covered will include (but aren’t limited to): how and when to contour, creating the perfect brows, selecting the perfect colour palette for each client, working on mature skin, creating a flawless founda- tion, colour correcting, latest trends and more!

Looks covered will range from natural to super glam and everything in between. You’ll see makeovers on women with different skin tones and, who knows, maybe you’ll end up in the demo chair yourself! Come with all your beauty-related questions and be prepared to laugh… After all, makeup is fun!


Cost: $210

Reserve now! Seats are limited.

Spa show featured speaker Tracy McArthur


Tracy McArthur

In this masterclass, you will not only learn why these five simple keys are all you need to know to achieve a successful business, but how to implement them on a daily basis. This masterclass is for you if you want to learn the essentials to a solid business foundation; how and why retail can save your business; how you can increase your revenues and get to the next level of success.

Learn how to increase your profits today! Your pre-training homework: write down how much money you would like to make this year and bring your numbers, including your total service sales, total product sales, number of clients, price list and product expenses. This masterclass comes with a complete workbook.


Cost: $210

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Dori Soukup

Have you been thinking about opening a medical spa or maybe expanding your spa business by offering medical spa treatments? The medical spa industry is growing immensely. Now is the time to learn how to make the transition into offering medi spa treatments or opening a brand new medical spa!

Join us for a 4-hour seminar, and discover how to open a medical spa and or transform your current spa into a medi spa. Dori Soukup will provide you with effective planning steps for a successful transition, tips on proper planning to launch and open a medi spa, financial planning, what kind of team you’ll need, and how to achieve your goal of creating a successful business as quickly as possible.

This Master Class is intended for entrepreneurs, medical professionals or anyone who already owns a spa or wants to open a new medi spa. Join us and receive a special gift: Dori Soukups’n book, How to Make Millions with Your Medi Spa.


Cost: $210

Reserve now! Seats are limited.