Isabelle Villeneuve A recognized leader in innovation and an expert in market intelligence, Isabelle Villeneuve has accumulated over 20 years of vast experience in the dermo-cosmetic field, one of her lifelong passions. Isabelle has successfully defined more than 500 concepts for overthe-counter and cosmetic products, including professional care and makeup products, in Europe, Canada and the United States. She is also a speaker and an author of scientific and technical articles, sharing her wealth of knowledge in skin sciences, with emphasis on active ingredient technologies and the impact of such ingredients on the structure and functions of the skin. Most recently, Isabelle has taken on the role of Vice-President, Strategy, Quality and Innovation at Crescita Therapeutics Inc., a Canadian commercial dermatology company (TSX: CTX). She is the owner of Intega Skin Sciences, where she heads the R&D department, focusing on commercializing product innovations while leveraging Crescita’s patented technologies. Isabelle is also in charge of scientific communication as well as the advancement of training and professional education.


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Although sunlight is essential to balance our skin, overly intense UV rays increase the formation of free radicals, which are tiny, unstable and destructive oxygen molecules that cause skin aging, also known as photo-aging. This is the reason why any anti-aging treatment needs to include antioxidants that neutralize these free radicals. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and antiradical agent that helps the skin to better defend itself against harmful external agents. Discover why Laboratoire Dr Renaud’s Vitamin C is the purest and most effective form on the market, and how it improves skin complexion and hydration.

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